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Kalka Devi

“Yaa Devi sarva bhuteshu Kalka rupane sanssthitha ”
“Namastasyei namastasyei namastasyei namastasyei Namo Namah”

Kalka Devi is one of the most popular among the 9 divine powers . This place is devoted mother Kali (first Mahavidya).

It is believed that Kalka devi temple was built in the age of Mahabhrata by Pandvaas, during "Agyat Vas" when they stayed here for some time.

Here Mother kali is in the form of a pinddi.(stone)

The ancient temple of the Hindu goddess Kali is situated on the National Highway 22 that runs through Kalka town.

The temple is very popular with thousands of devotees pay their respects daily.

In Prasadam Suji Halwa,sweets,coconut,Chunari , dresses are offered to maa Kalika.

Wine is also offered to mother Kaalika in this temple.

Jai Maa Kalka Devi Ji